Check out our testimonials from happy, local business clients. 


Mike & Paula Johnson - Daddy O's Donuts

"How about a cruller, a Boston cream, or maybe just a glazed? Trust us, at Daddy O’s there’s no wrong choice. They’re all made right here for locals like us. Because that’s where they choose to invest their energy and hard earned dough."

It’s that strong commitment to community sprinkled with an amazing product that makes Mike and Paula Johnson’s relationship with GCB so special. Buying, banking, and baking local can be pretty sweet. 


Mike Ford - Mike Ford's Auto Service

Mike knows engines. And, Greater Community Bank knows money. Put the two together and you’ve got one smooth running machine and a relationship that works like a fine-tuned engine.

It’s a standard we pursue with all of our customers. Whether it’s the partnership we have with Mike, today, or the ones we’ll have with others down the road.


Barry Henderson - Henderson & Sons Funeral Home

Some decisions are harder than others - and some are quite simply made for you. Where you go and who you turn to in those times makes all the difference. Barry Henderson and his family have been helping navigate local families through difficult crossroads for generations.

It’s that kind of service and commitment that we at Greater Community admire and aspire to. When doing business is not only about what you do but about how you do it. That’s cultivating a better community one relationship at a time. 


Diane Manis - Scott Logistics

When it’s your job to schedule the routes, oversee specific load types and improve the efficiency of hundreds of trucks, no detail is too small or unimportant. There are so many variables it’s enough to make your head spin - but not for Scott Logistics.

Good planning is the key to the success of any business. And no one knows that better than the good folks over at Scott. Maybe that’s why we get along so well. Because at GCB we believe that each and every detail deserves our undivided attention. That’s something you can plan on every day.


Daniel Dunagan - Owner & President Daniel Dunagan Logging, Inc

No true logger makes significant inroads without a loyal companion by his side. Considering the fact that Daniel started his first savings account with us before he could drive and we’re still part of his life, today, it’s probably safe to say that the bank – like the ox – was a true blue friend.

Daniel Dunagan Logging was born and is thriving, today in part because we believed in helping Daniel finance his dream. Bonds forged over time make for futures based on trust. Both Daniel and Paul can attest to that.


Brian and Bridget Young - Owners, Brian’s Auto Sales

Greater Community Bank is the “miracle-gro” for Brian’s Auto Sales. In all aspects of our business, the banking staff has exceeded our expectations by matching all services offered to us by a larger bank. We love the hometown advantage of knowing our bankers and receiving immediate assistance whenever needed. Our bank is always there and looking for ways to help us succeed personally and professionally.