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Cybersecurity Alert


This is an important reminder about protecting your account and personal information.

GCB remains vigilant and aware of the identified threat of cyber-attacks in response to the Ukraine-Russia conflict and has taken proactive measures to safeguard against cyber threats.

You can also play a significant role in protecting your account and private information. Please exercise security precautions by utilizing best practices:

  • Utilize Strong Passwords – Passwords should not be easy to guess and should use a minimum 8 alpha-numeric-symbol characters.
  • Update Devices – Ensure mobile and desktops have the most recent security patches.
  • Update Anti-Virus Software – Ensure your desktop and mobile devices have current versions of antivirus software and definitions.
  • Email Safety- Be cautions and don’t open links or attachments received in emails or text messages that you are not expecting. If in doubt, don’t click it.
  • Public Wi-Fi – Do not utilize public Wi-Fi or public devices when accessing sensitive accounts and information.

Protection of our customer’s information is a top priority and we are committed to safeguarding accounts and private information.